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Our bud extracts

Our products

The products of La dame de onze heures in 2016 : 43 bud units, 23 synergies, 30 bottlings of psycho emotional (they are bud extracts that have a dosage and usage similar to that of Bach’s Flower Essences).

Galenic choice

We use Agave syrup instead of Glycerin. We choose to dilute the bud extracts instead of using the mother tincture. While the mother tincture works more directly on the physical level, the diluted macerate, D1 or diluted to the tenth, offers a deeper, more important field of influence, working on the subtle as well as physical level. The galenic form that we have chosen for our Gemmotherapy products is therfore different that what would be more classically considered, ie the glyrecin macerate as the mother tincture.


Origin of our products

We produce the products that we sell. We are farmers, harvesters, producers, creators, wild crafters. All the ingredients used for our extracts are organic, certified Organic (AB) of Biodynamic (Demeter). The buds that we harvest are in the process of being certified organic, AB with Ecocert.

We harvest most of our buds in the slopes of the Vercors mountains, around the city of Die. We mainly harvest in the wilderness. The quality of this environment and the abundance of organic growers in this area enables incredibly high grade conditions of harvests.